JURU how it all began...

Puja (pictured left), the owner of JURU founded her company in 2016. On the one hand, because she often "slipped" on conventional mats, they were tedious to maintain and often began to smell. In addition, many yoga mats are made of PVC. On the one hand, it has been proven that PVC is harmful to our health. Furthermore, we have all seen beaches polluted with plastic. An incredible amount of plastic ends up in landfills and ultimately microplastic ends up in our oceans. It is extremely poorly degradable and then this process also takes an incredibly long time.
Yoga as a practice teaches us to nurture ourselves and protect and respect Mother Earth - not destroy her."


JURU Philosophy

However, there are other factors that played an important role in the creation of JURU. "We wanted the mats and props to reflect and value the peaceful principles that yoga embodies. One of them is to create perfect harmony with nature.

Finally, we discovered a unique blend of cork and natural rubber as the best composition for daily practice. This resulted in our first "Made-in-India" anti-slip yoga mat for the market.

"juu-roo" means "joy and happiness" in the indigenous tribal languages of the world.

Puja the owner of JURU Yoga

Puja founded JURU Yoga in India in 2016, where she also lives. 

The cork mats are patented and ISO certified.

Puja pays so much attention to sustainability that it was awarded as the "Greenest Start Up 2018 in India".

JURU 15 good reasons

  1. 100 % Recyclable
  2. Extremely slip resistant
  3. antimicrobial
  4. can be used on both sides
  5. Extremely durable
  6. super easy to clean
  7. odorless
  8. Suitable for the beach
  9. does not get so hot
  10. suitable for hot yoga
  11. Sand and stones do not stick to back side
  12. dries extremely quickly
  13. sustainable
  14. innovative
  15. socially engaged

Yoga-Shop-Online-what connects us

We are 1`000 % convinced of JURU mats. In addition, we actively teach and can look back on over 1`000 lessons of practice experience.

We are also socially engaged, currently we are looking for a new NGO for our "Yoga on Donation Project", https://power-yoga-zuerich.ch/karma-yoga-yoga-on-donation/ if you are interested, please contact us.


Firstly, we have decided to donate 1.00.- USD from every sold JURU mat worldwide to a sustainable project in India.

The advantage is that Puja lives at a distance that allows her to visit the NGO regularly. Thus, she can convince herself of the use of the donations.


Last but not least, like Puja, we are always concerned about acting sustainably, so we have the goods shipped, for example. We use multiple packaging. Therefore, we would like to ask you to forgive us if the packaging of your goods is not the most beautiful from the outside: In the end, it is what is inside that counts and that has always been packed with much love.


We carry yoga items which are processed and shipped in the best possible way under ecological and ethical aspects. Thereby, our focus is on cork products.

There are many yoga mats which are made of PVC. On the one hand, it has been proven that PVC is harmful to our health. Moreover, as passionate surfers and divers, we want to contribute something to save our oceans. We have all seen beaches with plastic pollution live or on TV. An incredible amount of plastic ends up in landfills and eventually as microplastic in our oceans. It is incredibly poorly degradable and also takes an extremely long time to degrade. 

Did you know that…..???

A shopping bag floats in the sea for 10 to 20 years until it is completely pulverized, a Styrofoam cup takes 50 years to crumble. A PET bottle will only disintegrate within 450 years, a fishing line in 600 years.


This is harmful for all marine life but ultimately also for us humans.

Juru mats are extremely slip-resistant, perfect for arm balances, inversions, dynamic yoga, also excellent for hot yoga. In addition, your JURU is odorless and extremely easy to clean. And best of all is the environmental factor, please see below we explain this in detail.

Yes, just as you can use them in hot yoga, because cork gets warm but not as hot as conventional materials. This is different with cork mats with rubber back, especially since this can then become brittle.

Cork is naturally antimicrobial (Antimicrobial means "directed against microorganisms". An antimicrobial substance is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria). This is another plus point of JURU mats, especially in this time when hygiene is again an omnipresent topic. Another plus is that your JURU does not mind if a wave comes and your JURU gets wet - because it dries insanely fast. 

If you are in Zurich and the surrounding area to Huase or visit, come best in our partner studio for a yoga lesson. There you can try out the mats and our other products live in practice. 

You can also receive your mat and other items after prior order and payment on request on site. However, in this case, we would be extremely happy if you please inform us 2-3 days in advance, so that we have some lead time to have everything for you on site 🙂 

Nothing could be simpler: With your private JURU applies:

Shower them 2-3 times a year and hang them to dry. That's all it needs. Detergents can damage the cork, water is really completely sufficient due to the antimicrobial properties.

For JURU studio mats: We recommend wiping them with a damp cloth using a biological, disinfecting detergent-water mixture. Then wipe again damp with clean water. Allow to dry well!

Well, in this case we recommend the JURU Pro Mat. This is thicker. 

Alternatively, you can use a knee pad / knee protector with your Mandala, Travel Mat or Dhyana.


Of course, it always depends on how you care for and handle your mat. However, we use ours 5-6 times a week several times and can assure you that ours is still fully usable after 2 years and also still looks great. In addition, we tell you in our you valuable tips and our care instructions a few tricks, how you can use your mat for years and should small signs of wear show e.g. the grip weaken - the mats can be treated at home with a few simple tricks and feel like new again in no time.

As mentioned above, JURU mats are extremely sustainable, because they are 100 % recyclable. And for both JURU and us at Yoga-Shop-Online, sustainability is part of our company philosophy. For example, we import the mats via sea freight, which takes longer but is more environmentally friendly. We also have cardboard boxes delivered to reduce the number of deliveries. All our marketing and packaging material is made of recycled paper, even the gift ribbons are made of hemp or jute.

You want more info about JURU?

Get to "know" Puja. In this video here Puja tells again herself how, when and why she founded JURU Yoga.

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