Yoga Block Cork

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Yoga Block Cork: natural material, odourless, easy to clean, dries quickly, environmentally friendly, recyclable, slightly larger, Dimensions: L 23 cm x W 15 cm x H 7.6 cm.

*Note: “Misprint A and O mixed up therefore 25% reduction.”

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Yoga Block Cork

Below you will find the advantages that speak for our Yoga Block Cork. Most yoga blocks are made with PVC. This is harmful to the environment. Furthermore, they are more difficult to recycle. They are also more difficult to clean.

With our Yoga Block Cork it is different. Because cork is antimicrobial.

The use of the Cork Block in yoga:

Our Yoga Block Cork is an aid. It helps us to reach certain asanas (yoga positions) better. Aids, such as our block, can support us in practising a position in a position that is not harmful to our health. Often, however, yoga students let their own ego get in the way.

There is nothing at all shameful about resorting to aids. They are used in Ashtanga as well as in BKS Iyengar’s yoga method. The two of them are to be credited with the fact that aids are used at all. In the end, they did the pioneering work. Moreover, the use of aids, also called props, is often found in Yin Yoga.

*The Yoga Block Cork has a small error in the labelling. Instead of an O, an A was printed for “Soul”. Otherwise the item is flawless. That’s why the item is 35% discounted. Delivery included in Switzerland.”

Here are some possible uses by position and with Sanskrit name::

  • Half Moon – Arha Chandrasana
  • Extented Triangle – Utthita Trikonasana Block
  • Revolved Triangle – Parivrtta Trikonasana Block
  • Extended Side Angle – Utthita Parsvakonasana Block
  • Half Splits – Ardha Hanumanasana
  • Crow Flow – Kakasana Flow

Advantages of our cork block:

Naturally antimicrobial meaning:       

  • Antimicrobial means “directed against microorganisms”. An antimicrobial substance
    is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria).

  • Larger, depending on the asana, higher or easier to reach, or more seating area.
    slightly larger L23xW15xH7.6 cm

  • easy to clean every few months showering without detergent is sufficient

  • Washable – dries extremely quickly

  • Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable
    due to the fact that cork is a natural material, some yogis feel with natural material more

  • robust, resistant and

  • odourless

Weight 0.91 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 7.6 cm

L 23 cm / B 15 cm / H 7.6 cm

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