Tree of life open game stainless steel black

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Chain with pendant tree of life open Wild:without frame,stainless steel also available in black.length of the chain 50cm.pendant diameter 3.5cm

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Tree of life open wild

Chain with pendant stainless steel black

This fine link chain shows the tree of life open wild stainless steel in the pendant.

The chain was made of stainless steel. So is the pendant. It shows a tree of life as a motif. Both comes in timeless black. This is without a frame. Thus, a wild upward growing tree.

the history of our tree of life open wild

The tree of life describes many things. Its history goes back to 2`500 BC.

For example, there is an ancient tree in Bahrain. This is called Shadsharat al Haya https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schadscharat_al-Haya and it is a 400 year old tree. This is one of the wonders of nature. Very interesting in this context is that until today it is unclear where it gets its water. In fact, the nearest water source is 1.2 km away.

The symbolism behind the tree of life:

However, the tree of life hides a deeper meaning: On the one hand, trees stand for the old, the past, but also for permanence.

On the other hand, some cultures also associate it with love, birth, rebirth, death.

By the way, there is also a legend that the tree connects heaven, earth and the underworld.

Let's look at the tree of life in detail:

Just as all living things are different and unique, the leaves are never the same. The branches, which sometimes bent and then again straight grown bend up to the sky, show the desire for change and for further development. Just as we change as humans and learn. We can and should develop accordingly. This can be expressed in art, music, dance or even needlework and literature.

Thus, the tree trunk symbolizes our roots, our home. Consequently, a place to which we can always come back. Furthermore, but also our past, which has shaped us a bit and made us what we are today.

when you give someone something with the tree of life as a gift

If you want to show your deep connection to someone else, the tree of life is the perfect choice. On the one hand, because it conveys reliability and strength and inspires confidence. On the other hand, it also stands as a symbol of constancy.

Everything under the earth symbolizes the past while the leaves and shoots can also mean a new beginning. Also it thus stands for fertility.

This makes it a perfect gift, whether for a best friend or even for mom for her birthday or Mother's Day.

The more detailed meaning of the tree of life can be found here.




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