Tree Agate (Tree Agate)

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Tree Agate (Tree Agate): Said to help ADH's patients become more calm. It can strengthen relationships. Positively influence the water balance in the body. Also strengthen your immune system. Mala with 108 beads and 6 mm diameter.

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Tree Agate (Tree Agate)

the origin of the tree agate (Tree Agate):

Originally, the name tree agate or also called tree agate from antiquity. Today it is believed that the first agates were found near the agate river in Sicily. The Egyptians produced seals, rings and vessels from agate stones. Agate makes an excellent gift and talisman. Long, long ago the Egyptians, Greeks and Indians believed in its protective properties. The tree agate is your protector on future journeys. Especially for air travel. Therefore, it is also excellent as a gift for flight personnel.

alleged mode of action, which is said to the tree agate (Tree Agate):

The tree of life or even generally trees convey security and stability. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the theme of the tree agate. Serenity and stability and grounding.

This is what the tree agate should be able to do. Similar to what we can feel when surfing, diving or walking in the forest. It promotes your self-reflection and inner stability. In addition, it makes you more stable and calm. You do not lose your temper so quickly in disputes. You stay in your center. It can also strengthen relationships.

Have patience, it may take time for its supposed effect to appear.

Effect on the chakras:

Imagine that one of your chakras is blocked. And now imagine that your chakras function like water wheels. If one of these water wheels is blocked, how can the others flow? Anyway, the tree agate is said to be able to remove the blockages within your chakras. If your chakras can flow, it can help you to connect with the flow of life. Because only in this way it is possible to reach a higher consciousness.


  • Heart chakra

Product details:

  • 6 mm beads
  • 108 piece
  • Mala-148

Effect physical: 

  • It is said that in ADHs patients it can sometimes help them to be more calm.
  • in case of problems with nerves and blood capillaries it should help to regulate them
  • it should positively influence the water balance in the body
  • also strengthen your immune system

Effect Psychic:

  • Protection stone for travelers
  • Grounding , focus, consistency, calmness, inner peace
  • inner stability, composure, self-reflection, security, self-confidence
  • Allegedly strengthens relationships


The best way to clean and maintain your tree agate is with warm soapy water. Dry your agate carefully after cleaning, otherwise discoloration and rust may appear, these are caused by the residual moisture.

We do not assume any responsibility or guarantee regarding the effect of healing stones. Also, healing stones do not replace a visit to the doctor or to the alternative practitioner or psychologist.

If you are interested in the topic of healing stones in detail, you can find more information in our small mala / healing stones encyclopedia.


Due to the nature of 100 % natural stone, the size, color and transparency of the product may vary. Moreover, also on because of the difference between light and screen. Please allow 0.3 to 0.5mm error due to manual measurement, thank you!
If you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us first. We will try our best to find a solution that will satisfy you.


Dimensions 0.006 cm
Number of beads


Diameter beads

6 mm

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