Meditation cushion striped “Maritime”

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Meditation cushion striped “Maritime”: Can improve your posture in the home office and open up your hips .

  • The diameter of our meditation cushion is 33 cm and the height up to 13 cm.
  • the height up to 13 cm.
  • The weight is about 2.7 kg.

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Meditation cushion striped “Maritime” and how to use it:

Our meditation cushion striped “Maritime” is generously filled with organic buckwheat. Thanks to an inner cushion cover you can remove and wash the outer one. Both pillowcases are made of organic cotton.

The anatomical benefits of our meditation cushion striped “Maritime”:

As soon as you stay in meditation for a longer time, a meditation cushion or a yoga bolster is indispensable. Due to the slightly elevated position in which you sit, your spine and thus your back are relieved. It also relieves your joints. 

As a consequence, the breath and our prana can flow better.:

This allows your breathing and prana to flow better. Furthermore, you should always make sure that your hip joints are positioned higher than your knees. This makes sitting for longer periods of time more comfortable. 

Be careful if you are not used to:

In our western world we are not used to sitting cross-legged, lotus or shin-sitting. Therefore, caution is generally advised. Sitting for too long in one of the positions just mentioned can damage your meniscus or even your cartilage. In general, the rule of thumb is: if something doesn’t feel right, change your sitting position.

Other uses for our meditation cushion striped “Maritime”:

A meditation cushion is not only suitable for meditation. It can also improve your posture in the home office. And at the same time open your hips and approach the lotus position. Different ways to sit on a meditation cushion:

Different ways to sit on a meditation cushion:

 Thereby, In addition, you can improve your sitting posture in general. Below you will find examples of on sitting on a meditation cushion as well as positions to “feel your way” to the lotus position. If you need more suggestions, please follow this link: a consequence, the breath and our prana can flow better.


Choosing the right meditation cushion:

On the one hand, the height of your meditation cushion depend. Usually, you start at higher meditation cushions and “work” your way to lower ones over time.

Further Links:

Finally you will find more useful informations under the following links:”Differences between the Oeko Tex and GOTS certifications”.

By the way, we also have yoga mats made of organic cotton in our range.

Weight 2.57 kg
Dimensions 33 × 13 cm

33 cm


– 13 cm