Bolster Royal Blue

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Bolster Royal Blue: This colour is also called royal blue. Blue is considered pure, conveys calmness, security, objectivity, clarity. On an emotional level, it symbolises inner stillness but also spirituality. Our Bolster Royal Blue is therefore perfect to optimally support your meditation. Or simply for a few relaxing exercises at home.

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Yoga aid – the Yoga Bolster Royal Blue

On the one hand, you can relieve the back and open the heart and shoulder area with our Bolster Royal Blue. On the other hand, it is also wonderfully suitable for opening the hips and lumbar vertebrae. Enjoy the relaxation while you stretch comfortably. Especially in Yin Yoga or during meditation, a bolster is almost indispensable. Moreover, also at home, the bolster is wonderful to make you comfortable.

See also our illustrated instructions, which show you different ways to use it. https://yoga-shop-online.ch/infos-bolster/

Royal Blue Bolster 6

60 cm lang und ca. 33 cm Durchmesser

The filling of the Yoga Bolster Royal Blue:

Yoga bolsters are usually filled with spelt husk, buckwheat, cotton or kapok. Kapok is a white-grey – yellowish material. It is made from the fibres of the kapok tree and is water repellent.
Our bolsters are filled with buckwheat. The cotton is organic and so is the buckwheat it contains.

Did you know that buckwheat originally comes from Northern India and Central Asia? Buckwheat hulls contain a high content of minerals and silicic acid. These are said to alleviate complaints such as joint and back pain. They are also said to relieve menstrual cramps and rheumatism. Buckwheat is also said to promote blood circulation. This can be particularly beneficial for venous diseases and circulatory disorders.

But what makes buckwheat so special?

Well, in contrast to polyester or spelt, buckwheat is firmer, harder and rustles less. At the same time, it is more stable in shape and particularly permeable to air. It is also particularly suitable for asthmatics and people with house dust allergies. Finally, buckwheat is also safe during pregnancy. It is also breathable, cooling in summer and warming in winter. It also protects against excessive sweating. Moisture is regulated at the same time. Last but not least, it also protects against dust mites. The only people we advise against using a buckwheat filling are those with a gluten allergy.

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 cm
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33 cm