Cork Bag Yoga

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Cork Bag-Yoga: natural material, odourless, easy to clean, dries quickly, uni colours. Carrying strap Height adjustable, with inner pocket with zipper, sustainable and degradable, carrying strap made of organic cotton (GOTS) certified.

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Cork Bag Yoga

Most yoga mat bags are difficult to dry. However, our cork yoga bag dries in no time.
In addition, many bags are often not so easy to recycle. Or, they only have room for the mat and maybe a phone and keys. In addition, they are often difficult to clean or you have to iron them.
However, this does not apply to our yoga bag made of cork. Often a quick wipe with a damp cloth is enough. Ironing this cork yoga bag is definitely not recommended!
Now we come to the best thing about our cork yoga bag: In addition to space for your mat, this bag also offers space for your tools.
This can be your block or strap or your fascia balls. In addition, you will also find space for your phone, keys and money in the spacious inner pocket.

Advantages of our cork yoga bag:

  • Naturally antimicrobial, which means:
  • Antimicrobial means “directed against microorganisms”. “An antimicrobial substance is one that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria).”
  • Extra wide, adjustable carrying strap for comfort
  • Inside pocket big enough for your personal items like phone + keys + money
  • extra space for your props like belt or pad
  • Easy to clean – just wash it off every few months without detergent
  • Washable – dries extremely quickly
  • environmentally friendly and easily recyclable
  • due to the fact that cork is a natural material, some yogis feel more grounded by it
  • Robust, durable and odourless

Our producer:

On the one hand, our producer has been able to establish itself successfully on the basis of more than a decade of experience. The tireless efforts of each individual have contributed significantly to this. Especially since, with the GOTS certification https://www.global-standard.org, he was still a niche supplier on the market at that time.

Employee policy of our producer:

Furthermore, our manufacturer is aware of constant change. That is why he offers his employees regular training.
Because this is the only way to ensure that all employees and the company itself stay up to date on new developments and progress.

Their credo is:

“We strive to become better with each passing day. And to break new ground. On the one hand, for the improvement of our environment. On the other, for the progress of our highly valued customers.”

Dimensions 70 × 15 × 14 cm

L 70 cm / B 15 cm / H 14 cm

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