Bolster Eggplant Organic:

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Bolster Eggplant Organic:

  • Buckwheat hulls have a high content of minerals and silicic acid.
  • Buckwheat is also said to promote blood circulation
  • suitable for asthmatics,
  • people with house dust allergies
  • Compatible with pregnancy
  • made of organic cotton filled with buckwheat
  • GOTS certified

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Bolster Eggplant Organic as an aid

On one hand, the Bolster eggplant organic is an excellent Bolster for Yin Yoga or also for backbends, staying longer in a pose or for Savasana. On the other hand, even if you don’t practise yoga, you can use our Bolster eggplant organic for meditating.

Possible use apart from this


Beside this for comfortably fletching at home in front of the TV. As an example, the Bolster eggplant organic is also suitable for at night, when you usually tuck your blanket between your legs or hug something. During pregnancy, the Bolster eggplant organic, can also prove to be extremely supportive when sitting and lying down.

Here are some suggestions for various yoga positions with your Bolster eggplant Organic:

The filling of the Yoga Bolster eggplant Organic: 

Yoga bolsters are usually filled with spelt husk, buckwheat, cotton or kapok. Kapok is a white-greyish-yellow material. It is made from the fibres of the kapok tree and is water-repellent.
Our bolsters are filled with buckwheat. The cotton is organic, as is the buckwheat it contains.

Advantages of the buckwheat in our bolsters:

Buckwheat originates from Northern India and Central Asia. Buckwheat hulls have a high content of minerals and silicic acid. This is said to relieve ailments such as joint and back pain. It is also said to relieve menstrual cramps and rheumatism. Buckwheat, is  supposed to relieve a to promote blood circulation and is therefore particularly helpful for venous diseases and circulatory disorders.

The differences to other materials:

Unlike polyester or spelt, buckwheat is firmer, harder and rustles less. It is also more dimensionally stable and particularly permeable to air. In addition, it is particularly suitable for asthmatics and people allergic to house dust. Thus, buckwheat is also safe during pregnancy. Other advantages of buckwheat are that it is breathable, cools in summer and warms in winter. It also protects against excessive sweating. It regulates moisture. It also protects against dust mites. We only do not recommend buckwheat filling if you have a gluten allergy.

In Conclusion Care of your bolster eggplant organic:

Our bolsters are all quite lavishly filled. Just like our meditation cushions. Both have an inner cushion. So you can remove the outer cover and wash it in cold water or up to 30 C max. The inner cushion with the buckwheat filling is made of organic cotton. Please do not wash the inner cushion with the buckwheat filling. Finally, a small note: If necessary, you can adjust the filling quantity and thus the hardness of your bolster at any time. It is recommended to refill your bolster with the buckwheat filling every 2 years or, even better, to refill it completely.

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