striped bolster “Maritim”

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  • Striped bolster “Maritime”: Helpful for Yin Yoga or backbends as well as in Savansa. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Made of organic cotton, GOTS certified, filled with organic buckwheat.
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Length: 60 cm

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Striped Bolster “Maritime”

Yoga aid -also called props striped bolster “Maritime”:

In addition to the belt and block, our striped “Maritime” bolster is also available as a yoga aid. Excellent for Yin Yoga or also for backbends, chest opening, hip opening, cool down, staying longer in a pose or for Savasana. Enclosed you will find examples of yoga positions with a bolster. If you need more inspiration, please follow this link and look for “Backbends with a Bolster”: 



Other uses off your striped bolster “Maritime”:

Even when you’re not practising yoga, our bolster can be used. On the one hand, for meditating or for comfortably fletching at home in front of the TV. On the other hand, the striped “Maritime” bolster is also suitable for at night, when you usually tuck your blanket between your legs or hug something. During pregnancy, too, the bolster can prove to be extremely supportive when sitting and lying down. By the way, the striped bolster “Maritim” is also available as a cushion set “Maritim” as well as a set with matching organic cotton mat and yoga bag striped “Maritim”.

Filling of our bolsters: 

Yoga bolsters are usually filled with spelt husk, buckwheat, cotton or kapok. Kapok is a white-grey – yellowish material. It is obtained from the fibres of the kapok tree and is water-repellent, but less dimensionally stable. That is why we have chosen organic buckwheat for the filling. The cotton is also organic. 

Finally, a small note:

If necessary, you can always adjust the filling quantity and thus the hardness of your bolster. It is recommended that you refill your bolster with the buckwheat filling every 2 years or, even better, completely refill it.

Advantages of buckwheat striped bolster “Maritime”:

Buckwheat originally comes from northern India and central Asia. Buckwheat hulls have a high content of minerals and silicic acid. This is said to alleviate complaints such as joint and back pain. It is also said to relieve menstrual cramps and rheumatism. Buckwheat is also said to promote circulation and is therefore particularly beneficial for venous diseases and circulatory disorders.

Care of your yoga bolster:

Our bolsters are all quite lavishly filled. Just like our meditation cushions. Both have an inner cushion. This means you can remove the outer cover and wash it in cold water or at a maximum temperature of 30°C. The inner cushion with the buckwheat filling is also very soft. Please do not wash the inner cushion with the buckwheat filling.  

Weight 5.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 cm
Durchmesser bis

33 cm


60 cm

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