JURU Dhyana Cork Mat

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JURU Dhyana cork mat from India. With an extremely high grip, so that you always have a grip even when sweating and avoid injuries. JURU Dhyana Cork Mat is patented, sustainable and extremely easy to clean. Extremely long life, practically indestructible. Can be used on both sides (no backside made of other material). We recommend this mat if you regularly practise a lot of yoga or simply work up a sweat, as well as for all Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa practitioners.

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JURU Dhyana Cork Mat

The cork of our JURU Dhyana Cork Mat has a slightly lighter texture. We recommend this mat especially if you regularly practise a lot of yoga or simply work up a sweat. The most slip resistant JURU mat, for sweaty practice. A must for all yoga teachers or those who want to become one. The minimal amount of natural rubber ensures that our cork yoga mats can be rolled, which is why our double-sided cork mats always contain a very small amount of natural rubber. By the way, this comes from Kerala. Your JURU Dhyana Mat is 100% sustainable and our delivery process was also as sustainable as we could make it.

This mat is especially suitable for:

JURU Dhyana Cork Mat with extra grip and support for sweaty yoga. The extra grip helps you avoid injuries that can occur when we sweat and slip. For example, when doing arm balances like crow or grasshopper, intense backbends like wheel or even inversions like headstand or scorpion, you will appreciate and love the extra grip! 

We recommend JURU Dhyana Mats for Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. The print of our JURU Dhyana mat is white. The JURU Dhyana mat comes with a carrying strap.

Your advantages with our JURU Dhyana Cork Mat at a glance:

  • Anti-slip -You do not slip on the floor.
  • You have super extreme grip especially if you often get sweaty during yoga
  • Naturally antimicrobial, which means your mat is naturally bacteria repellent.
  • You can also use it the other way round, it can be used on both sides and will not get as hot as conventional outdoor mats
  • You can simply shower it off, stones and sand don’t stick (at least after a shower with cold or lukewarm water), it’s all gone.
  • it dries incredibly fast, in European areas 10 minutes outdoors in the wind or max. 30 minutes indoors, while other mats sometimes need up to 2 days until they are dry.
  • This also makes it odourless (yoga mats can sometimes smell a little unpleasant after a while due to sweat).
  • it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • The JURU Dhyana Cork Mat is 100% made in India.
Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 182.88 × 60.96 × 0.3 cm


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