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JURU Traveler Cork Mat from India. On one hand you get an extremely high grip, so that you always have a grip even when sweating and avoid injuries. On the other hand, JURU Traveler Cork Mat is patented, sustainable and extremely easy to clean. Extremely long life, practically indestructible. Can be used on both sides (no backside made of other material). More information: https://yoga-shop-online.ch/juru/   We recommend this mat for travelling and as a yoga cloth over the mats in the gym.

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JURU Traveler Cork Mat

JURU Traveler Cork Mat is the right mat, for all those who like to travel light. But at the same time don’t want to do without the unmistakable support of your JURU mat.


Maybe you’re looking for a light mat with grip for the gym?
You can sit back and relax, your search has come to an end with the new JURU Traveler Cork Mat.

What makes JURU Traveler Cork Mat special:

Many yoga towels do not offer enough support to the practitioner. They slip and without support we often simply don’t dare to do some positions. Instead of a yoga cloth, here comes the JURU Traveler. You are guaranteed the incredible support and grip of the other JURU mats, but you can fold it and it only weighs an incredible 1 kg. At 1 mm, it really is comparable to a yoga towel. Because of that, you can go ahead and take it over the used mats, for example in a gym or wherever you train. Therefore, you always lie on your own mat. However, if your surface is soft, for example in grass or sand, you can also use it without a mat underneath.

Material, origin of your JURU Traveler Cork Mat:

Further information, for example on how to care for your JURU Traveler mat, can be found here: https://yoga-shop-online.ch/juru/

The minimal amount of natural rubber ensures that our cork yoga mats can be rolled, which is why our double-sided cork mats always contain a very small amount of natural rubber. By the way, this comes from Kerala. Your JURU Traveler cork mat is 100% sustainable and our delivery process was as sustainable as we could make it.

Care of your Cork Mat:

The print of our JURU Traveler comes printed in brown, as a print you see a globe. The JURU Traveler mat comes with a carrying strap. You can shower it occasionally or wipe it with a cloth and organic, antibacterial detergent-water mixture and then again with a cloth with clear, lukewarm water. We do not recommend the use of disinfectants, because, this could make your JURU Traveler porous.

Even though your JURU Traveler is foldable, it comes rolled to you to avoid breakage.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Anti-slip – you won’t slip on the floor.
  • Overall, you have super extreme grip especially if you often get sweaty during yoga
  • Eqaully, the mat is Naturally antimicrobial, which means your mat is naturally bacteria repellent. In other words, disinfectant is not necessary.
  • Of course, you can use it the other way round, that means, it can be used on both sides.
  • In my opinion, one of the best things is, it doesn’t get as hot as conventional outdoor mats.
  • Additionally, you can simply shower it off, stones and sand don’t stick (at least after a shower with cold or lukewarm water), it’s all gone.
  • Moreover it dries incredibly fast, in European areas 10 minutes outdoors in the wind or max. 30 minutes indoors, while other mats sometimes need up to 2 days until they are dry.
  • This also makes it odourless, (sometimes yoga mats can smell a bit unpleasant after a while due to sweat).

Good to know:

Of course, your JURU Traveler Cork Mat is 100% made in India. In summary, it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. As a result, JURU was named the “greenest start-up from India” in 2018. By the way, they were awarded by the Green Business Directory India.

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 182.88 × 60.96 × 0.1 cm


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