How do you actually define chakra and what is it exactly?

You can imagine a chakra as an energy vortex. It rotates alternately to the left and to the right. This energy vortex connects our physical body with our aura, so to speak. Thus, our aura and our body can connect with each other, exchange and transfer energy.

The origin of the chakras

The first mentions date back more than 4`000 years. The origin is found in Hinduism and in the history of yoga. Strikingly many religions report about a chakra teaching. First and foremost, records are found in the Vedas and in Hinduism as well as in yoga philosophy. But also in Buddhism as well as in Tantra, with the Incas and with the Indians. Despite the many different origins, there are strikingly many similarities in the various chakra systems.

The associated symbols

Each chakra was assigned a symbol namely a mandala and a color. Strictly speaking, chakras have no colors. However, it is reported of particularly sensitive people who can actually perceive these colors as visible chakra or also as aura. Moreover, an assignment of the effect of the respective chakra on us. There are different approaches to the definition of the main chakras, depending on the origin of the tradition. The most common approach is that of the 7 main chakras. However, there are also views that assume 8 or 9 main chakras. At this point we will focus on the 7 main chakras. Our body is thus divided into 7 main energy centers. These show our state of consciousness, but also inner blockages, issues where we are concerned.

Influence chakras

Our energy vortices can be influenced by scents, spices and sound. But most of all through yoga and the "appropriate" asanas (movements). Healing stones are also said to have an effect, with which the various chakras can be influenced. As a guide you can consider our recommendations or otherwise as a rule of thumb: Choose a stone in the color, the respective chakra, which you want to address.

Colors of the 7 main chakras

Actually, they do not have colors in the conventional sense, because their vibration level is outside the spectrum visible to the human eye. However, the frequencies resonate strongly with the frequencies of certain colors in the light spectrum. However, some clairvoyant people can actually perceive the vibrations as colors. They range from black in the lowest range, to red for the 1st major chakra (root chakra), to white/transparent (with certain violet components from the 6th chakra) for the 7th major chakra (crown chakra), and finally fade back to black with ascending height in infinity (God). A common misconception should be mentioned briefly at this point: The seventh chakra does not have the color violet, but is white/transparent and carries violet parts shining through from the 6th chakra. The colors are an important aid in working with the individual energy vortices.

Gemstones / healing stones of the 7 chakras

Very similar to the resonance with the colors, the chakras also resonate with certain gemstones or also called healing stones. As a simple basic rule applies: Choose a stone with the appropriate chakra color for the respective chakra. Well-matching gemstones have a particularly high resonance and can certainly be used for healing purposes. They also support our spiritual development.


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