Sun&Moon / Yin&Yang

Here you will find a short explanation of the meaning of Sun&Moon/Yin&Yang.

Sun Moon/Yin & Yang

Every being on earth is influenced by the cycles of the moon. This influence on the body can be felt especially at phases of the full moon or new moon. However, it is not consciously perceived by most people. The increasing sensitivity at full moon phases is often suppressed as a sensation or dismissed as nonsense. Nevertheless, the irritability of many people is obvious at full moon and sometimes expresses itself through nervousness, insomnia, ill-temper or simply increased honking in traffic. However, some sleep especially well on full moon nights, are tired and the body subjectively heavy, and thus feel the influence of the Earth's only satellite once a month.

In fact, we are part of the universe

However, the influence of the moon on the life of the Earth is not only present at the times of the full moon, but in various manifestations throughout the phases of the moon. All the celestial bodies in the sky are systemically interconnected, forming a family of suns and planets linked together in a symbiosis of gravitational pull, light and elliptical motion. Earth and its inhabitants are no exception.

Sun, moon and energy

Every organism on earth is dependent on sunlight and reacts to the influence of the moon, which orbits the earth and thus exerts different forces of attraction on the beings and elements on the earth's surface. The human body reacts with different energetic phases, in which sometimes more, sometimes less power of mental and physical kind is available. Because the human being is also a part of the big cosmos which goes through cyclic periods of the change.

  • Yang
  • Sun
  • Male
  • Energetic
  • Extroverted
  • Active
  • Unyielding
  • Warm
  • Giving
  • Right side of body
Hands form a heart
Thats Balance

The moon and the effects in yoga

In my own yoga practice as well as in class, I have noticed time and again that at certain times of the month the bodies of numerous yoga students exhibit different sensitivities. For example, on some days the shoulders and arms are felt to be particularly heavy and immobile, on other days the chest is subjectively stiffer, and again at other cycles the legs are less stretchy. I finally found the answers why this is so in the rhythms of the moon.

Our closest neighbor: the moon

The moon, as an immediate and very close neighbor to the earth in the big, wide universe, influences the nature-bound processes on earth and the physiological activities of the body. This is not only noticeable with decreasing and increasing lunar cycles, but depending on the constellation of the moon to the twelve signs of the zodiac in the heavenly firmament, the physical energy of the human being also changes.    

  • Yin
  • Moon
  • Female
  • Emphatic
  • Sensitive
  • Intuitive, unconscious
  • Passive
  • Introverted
  • cool
  • Receiving
  • Left half of body


Ying and Yang has its origin in Daoism (philosophy, worldview, religion) see also and in Chinese philosophy.

Yin and Yang means two forces which are contrary. Although they act exactly opposite, they attract each other, respectively they complement each other. For clarification here are some examples:

  • Yang-Yin
  • Movement standstill
  • Active-passive
  • Strong-Weak
  • Sun-Moon
  • Male-Female
YinYang third eye mandala
Yin&Yang covered with gold

Taijitu explanation

The white part represents yang, light, hot, active, male while the black part symbolizes dark, cool, passive, female.