Our motivation & company philosophy

The corporate philosophy:
Our motivation and values in relation to the environment:
Do what makes your soul shine. Do what you love.
That's exactly what we do?



Hopefully you see that too in the selection of our products, our packaging and in our communication. Just like you, we love yoga, but we are also aware of our responsibility towards the environment.



Yoga Shop Online.ch stands for sustainable, ecological and high quality products. All textiles are made from 100 % organic cotton produced. Our producer is GOATS certified. This is a globally recognized certification. This stands for organic cultivation - further processing to transport. Furthermore for fair working conditions. That was really important to us. Our producer is a manufactory, so you are always welcome to send us pictures of yoga props / tools, which you find great. In the ideal case we also find that great. Then we would inquire with our producer and depending on the minimum order quantity and potential - who knows maybe we will soon "carry" your suggestion in our assortment. We are happy if you help to design our store.



Of course, a small manufactory can not produce as cheap as a giant factory. For this some is still made in Handwork produced, many of our products are Tailor Made (personalized / made on request) our supplier lives environmental protection. His reaction when we decided to ship our goods: "He thinks it's great, it's much more ecological? " Currently we are in clarification, actually a delivery by train would be even more ecological. We will keep you up to date. To be continued. (TBC)






Please do not be surprised if your goods are not delivered in new boxes with our advertising. We want to do our best not to pollute our environment even more. Therefore we use packaging material several times. That means an order from us can actually reach you in any shape or color.



Inside awaits you after possibility reusable packaging e.g. made of linen or recycled cardboard and instead of plastic tape we use Jute hemp rope. Our complete Marketing material is made of recycled paper. Even if this can no longer necessarily be distinguished visually. While we're on the subject: We think it's a great pity that we, as customers, are unfortunately still charged a considerable surcharge for printing on recycled paper.



Our assortment will also constantly change and expand. Follow us on social media to stay informed. We don't want to be just another yoga online store. 



We would like to make this world a little bit better together with you!!!

You can see our warehouse and office here:



Our Motivation & values in relation to society:

We are aware of our social responsibility. Since summer 2018 we give 1 hour per week of yoga on a donation basis. This means that we communicate that at least 15 CHF for one hour is desired. So we try to make our contribution within the society. This is only possible thanks to the generous support of the banana ripening company. They provide us the room for free for this hour, so that we can guarantee that all donations to 100% arrive at the respective current relief organization.

Our motivation and ethics regarding our yoga classes:

We use biological disinfectant. Furthermore we replace paper towels with rags (cloth towels). These are disinfected when we have enough together in the boil wash and are then available for reuse. All our mats are PVC free. Our pillows as well as all cotton articles come from organic cultivation.

Our motivation & Values in relation to the company:

We run this company according to the ethical and social aspects that are generally valid in Switzerland. Like any other company, we have to consider business aspects. Only profitability secures jobs for us and follow-up orders for our suppliers.

This results in our motivation & behavior toward employees:

Our employees are Mirjam (yoga teacher & massage) and a charming gentleman in retirement, who supports us in case of absence or increased order volume. For the warehouse we get energetic help and muscle power temporarily provided by 2 men from our environment. And then there is Tracy. Tracy is still young and wild, with her 24 kg Tracy is a quite respectable quadruped and if not treats or someone to play distracts her, then she "guards" our camp. Tracy likes it as comfortable as possible - she likes our (private) bolster as well as our (private) organic vetiver mat. Somehow we also find the mat calms her down, and "grounds" her.  Perhaps this is due to the natural materials. ?

Differentiators from other companies: 

We live ecology and individuality in the offer and processing. In addition, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and our social responsibility. We want to make this world a little bit better - together with YOU!