Yoga exercises

Things to know about balance positions

"True rest is not lack of movement. It is balance of movement." Physical: Mental: One-legged poses from an emotional perspective, we need to concentrate and focus. We need to find our center of gravity, and also accept that in some circumstances, we may reach our limits. When we wobble, this can be quite calming and create a sense of stability. Exceedingly... Read more

Prevent worth knowing

Physical: If we look back in history, we were given by nature a body for which it is no problem at all to reach the ground with the flat of the hand. However, considering evolution and the arrival of furniture in the western world, our body has adapted. Nowadays, as... Read more

Worth knowing hip openings

Physical: Did you know that there are over 20 muscles that cross our hips? This means the collection of inner thigh muscles which are called the adductors. In addition, the collection of the outer thigh muscles, our hip flexors in the front and the deep lateral rotators in the back as well as a few more. Thus, movements that stretch any of these muscles will... Read more

Interesting facts Reverse postures

Physical: In yoga, an inversion pose is anything where our legs are higher than the rest of the body. On the one hand, inverted postures are great for when we can't sleep. On the other hand, inversion poses stabilize the cardiovascular system and strengthen our spine! This improves our digestion and we stimulate our brain activity! Furthermore, our blood circulation is stimulated. By the way... Read more

Interesting facts about arm balances

Physical:? Thanks to arm balances we strengthen our balance and concentration? In addition, of course, our arms and shoulders. Furthermore, we promote our blood circulation. In general, your wrists should be well warmed up. It is advantageous if you have some practice. Especially important for arm balances are our deep muscles in the shoulder area but also in the back and abdomen. As a result... Read more

Things to know about twists / turns

Physical: During twists we rotate our upper body. Furthermore, we stimulate digestion and the metabolism of the intervertebral discs and spinal cord is stimulated. In addition, we strengthen our abdominal and back muscles and can thus release blockages. Furthermore, our detoxification is stimulated. Psychic: Accordingly, on an emotional level we can also release inner tensions or blockages.... Read more

Things to know about backbends (heart opener ? )

Physical: First of all, we open our shoulders and arms, stretching our front. More precisely, we thus figuratively open our heart ? In other words, we stretch our thoracic spine, widen our chest, and thus our lungs and heart area can open. In any case, we stretch our shoulders and our abdominal muscles. Also our intercostal musculature,... Read more