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JURU Cork Mats

  • Naturally antimicrobial (Antimicrobial means "directed against microorganisms". An antimicrobial substance is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms e.g. bacteria).
  • all JURU mats are patented and ISO certified
  • Non-slip, no rubber back
  • Washable for both sides
  • robust and odorless
  • easy care every 6 months shower with water is enough perfectly
  • dries extremely quickly
  • Cork gets warm but not as hot as conventional materials e.g. on the beach
  • Resistant to sand
  • Environmentally friendly
  • more grounding because natural material
  • Easily recyclable
JURU mats
We are the official dealer for JURU mats in CH, Uk + EU.

Our motivation

Yoga-Shop-Online is the general importer of JURU cork mats for Switzerland, the UK and the EU. In addition, we stand for sustainable, ecological products made from 100 % organic cotton.
In addition to JURU, we also work with a manufactory that produces many tailor-made products for us. Furthermore, some products are still made by hand. Our supplier is also GOTS certified. This is the highest award in the field of organic textiles. In addition to cultivation, production and shipping, GOTS certification also monitors the working conditions and remuneration of local employees.
We reuse packaging or use it as multi-purpose packaging. Consequently, we also have the goods shipped - out of respect for our environment. Should it happen that we do not have an item in stock, we therefore ask for your indulgence.
As passionate surfers and divers, we are committed to environmental protection and social projects. We are currently looking for a new NGO / association in Switzerland for our Karma Yoga project. And then, together with Puja, we decided that for every JURU mat sold in the future, 1.00 USD will be donated to an aid organization in India. Puja is in regular contact with this organization. Because we want to make this world a little bit better together with YOU....

Many of our items like the organic cotton veltiver yoga mat or our malas and most of our incense sticks are mostly handmade in India. Thereby we want to support the local community.

We receive our packaging through the "cardboard collection". In Switzerland, there are days when cardboard boxes are placed outside the door and collected by waste disposal companies. These boxes are reused to reduce the impact on the environment.

Where possible we use bags or pouches made from materials such as organic cotton, linen, cork or recycled paper for packaging of for example malas, jewelry or props.

We have most of our goods delivered from India by ship. Although this takes a little longer and can sometimes lead to an "out of stock" situation, it is much more environmentally friendly than the faster air route.

From each JURU mat sold, 1 USD goes to an aid organization in India. They train children with disabilities so that they are integrated in adulthood and can lead as independent a life as possible. NGO: Support RASA

Our partner manufactory only uses organic cotton. These products are Gots certified, which ensures that the manufactory produces in an environmentally friendly way and that the employees are treated fairly.

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance Standards set the ethical and educational framework for yoga teachers and schools to ensure high quality, safe, accessible and equitable yoga instruction around the world.RYT500: This means that the individual has completed 500 hours of training with an accredited institution and is allowed to teach worldwide.

YACEP, or Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider®, is a Yoga Alliance designation for individuals who are authorized to teach continuing education courses (teacher training).

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