Info Flower of Life

Info Flower of Life Yoga Necklaces and Pendants

Here you will find info flower of life our fashion jewelry. Chains and pendants with the symbol of the "flower of life". Mostly the pendants are made of glass, steel or silver plated. Furthermore, some information about the meaning of the Flower of Life and the details of our costume jewelry, chains and pendants. In addition, the mode of action, which is said to the flower of life.

The potential effect of the flower of life on the wearer

If you look at it from the geometry, you will notice the 19 perfect circles. These are to create vibrations as well as a positive energy field. The flower of life symbolizes protection and harmony and a connection to the universe. Often the wearer feels relatively quickly that harmony spreads. This in the person itself, as well as in your environment. The wearer or the wearer herself feels more balanced. Often rests more one more in itself and also feels more energy again. Symbolically, the flower of life stands for creation. But also for infinity. The flower of life should remind us of the order in the cosmos. In addition, to the fact that all returns. There are reports, in which it is described, that with measurements with so-called bio-resonance devices an increased energy flow was determined.

The meaning of the flower of life

The symbol of the flower of life was found in numerous places around the world. However, it was already used intensively in ancient times. Therefore, it is concluded that it must have been extremely significant for the initiates in almost all cultural circles and already thousands of years ago. After all, earlier civilizations had knowledge of the deeper meaning hidden behind the geometric pattern of the Flower of Life. They also appreciated its power, energy and beauty. Moreover, they knew how to use it. The 19 circles of the flower of life should be mentioned. Because they create a vibration pattern, which has a profound harmonizing effect on the environment.

The history of the flower of life goes back a long way and is at home in geometry. The flower of life stands for the perfect geometry, as a template or also guidance. It combines geometry, physics and mathematics, as well as the laws of nature.

Info Flower of Life - the meaning of each circle of the flower of life.

  1. Circle stands for the sun, energy, life force, light, center. Without the sun there would be no flowers, plants, no life.
  2. Opposites, heaven and hell, water and fire, earth and air. From this results the balance - one cannot exist without the other
  • Fire stands for heat, the
  • Water for coolness, depth, mystery
  • Earth for steadfastness, reliability and determination
  • Air for change and communication.
  1. In general, the 3 stands for the connection of everything - the infinity, without beginning and without end, the recurring.
  2. Reminds and again the elements of water - earth - fire - air. The 4 seasons as well as the 4 cardinal points. The 4 stands for equality at a 4 corner we find 4 side of equal length. Thus, it symbolizes continuity and stability.
  3. By the 5th circle in the flower of life a trapezoid is geometrically seen. Beside the 4 elements there is still ether. Ether is considered as the fifth element. It envelops the other four elements. Sometimes we also find the term Akasha. Translated it means emptiness / empty air / empty space. In this emptiness, in this space, everything can happen. Just imagine that the other 4 elements "meet" in this empty space.
  4. In the 6th circle, if you look closely, you will discover a wave-like shape. Waves symbolize the movement in life, the flow of life - the current.
  5. The 7 represents an important number in many religions. Let's remember the 7 days that God needed to create the earth, create or even the 7 chakras and our 7 days of the week. In relation to our flower of life, the 7 . Circle as the smallest circle for the origin, the sowing.