Info tree of life

Meaning tree of life / Tree of Life 

The tree of life describes many things. Its history goes back to 2`500 BC.

For example, there is an ancient tree in Bahrain. This is called Shajarat al Haya and it is a 400 year old tree, it is one of the wonders of nature. Bahrain is located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The tree belongs to the genus of mesquite (mimosa plant, legume, modification in German sweet legume tree).

Further it is usual that one represents the family history, better said the family tree with the pertinent relations in a tree of life.

Also in the Bible, the tree was already called the tree of life.

Moreover, there is a coniferous species the genus Thuja which belongs to the genus of the trees of life.

The symbolism behind the tree of life

However, the tree of life hides a deeper meaning: trees stand for the old, the past but also for permanence.

But some cultures also associate love, birth, rebirth, death with him.

There is a legend that the tree connects heaven, earth and underworld.

Let's look at the tree of life in detail

Leaves are never the same, just as all living things are different and unique.

The branches which sometimes bent and then again straight grown bend up to the sky, show the desire for change, further development. Just as we as humans can and should change, learn and develop further. This can be expressed in art, music, dance or even needlework and literature.

The tree trunk symbolizes our roots, our home. A place to which we can always come back, but also our past, which has shaped us a bit and made us what we are today.

When you give someone something with the tree of life as a motif

If someone wants to show his deep attachment to someone else, the tree of life is the perfect choice. As it conveys reliability and strength, inspires confidence and stands as a symbol of constancy.

Everything under the earth symbolizes the past while the leaves and shoots can also mean a new beginning. Also it thus stands for fertility.

This makes it a perfect gift, whether for a best friend or even for mom for her birthday or Mother's Day.