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To introduce backbends, hip openers, reverse postures, arm balances, forward bends and twists. Short explanations of the effect in the physical and mental. In general, it is about yoga positions, how to achieve them...or even the background, the philosophy. Occasionally, however, we also deal with other topics. 

45 minutes flow focus shoulders lower back

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45min flow focus shoulder lower back 20 pages

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Overview of our contributions in this category

Jewelry-with yoga symbols

In our jewelry with yoga symbols you will find various pieces of jewelry. For example necklaces and pendants. For example, with the tree of life, the flower of life, mandalas or the OM symbol as a motif. Partly we also have jewelry with healing stones in our assortment. The detailed meaning of the individual stones and their mode of action can be found in our lexicon sorted alphabetically.... Read more


How do you actually define chakra and what is it exactly? You can imagine a chakra as an energy vortex. It rotates alternately to the left and to the right. This energy vortex connects our physical body with our aura, so to speak. Thus, our aura and our body can connect with each other, exchange and transfer energy. The origin... Read more


Fasciae are also called glides. They surround our entire body. Our organs and muscles and tendons. You can think of it like a big spider web that wraps around everything. They are almost everywhere in our body. In the bones, muscles, skin and cartilage. Furthermore, also in the joints and tendons and... Read more


Interesting facts about Henna हेम्न as a color, body decoration, painting Our Henna Kit In our store you will find our Henna Kit. This includes as desired 1 - 3 colors + application bottle mixed with various applicators as well as an A4 sheet with self-adhesive stencils. Delivery within Switzerland is included. First of all, let's talk about the origin of henna: Predominantly... Read more

Info tree of life

Meaning Baum des Lebens / Tree of Life The tree of life describes many things. Its history goes back to 2`500 BC. For example, there is an ancient tree in Bahrain. It is called Shadsharat al Haya and it is a 400 year old tree, it is one of the wonders of nature. Bahrain is located between Saudi Arabia... Read more

Info Flower of Life

Info Flower of Life Yoga Necklaces and Pendants Here you will find info Flower of Life our fashion jewelry. Chains and pendants with the symbol of the "flower of life". Mostly the pendants are made of glass, steel or silver plated. Furthermore, some information about the meaning of the Flower of Life and the details of our costume jewelry, chains and pendants. In addition, the mode of action,... Read more

Info Bolster

Our bolsters are generously filled with organic buckwheat. Thanks to an inner pillowcase you can remove and wash the outer one. Both pillowcases are made of organic cotton. The anatomical benefit: Many suffer from back pain, especially due to office work. In addition, many take less ergonomic positions in the home office. Should you often in the evening under shoulder - or back pain... Read more

Info heart

Heart shape - our heart is a hollow organ a so-called hollow muscle that transports blood by contraction. This ensures our supply to the organs. If a doctor specializes in the heart, then he is in the Kardiok beheimatedie teaching of structure, function and diseases of the heart is the Kardiologiee active. Heart shape - our heart... Read more

Info Malas

Detailed information about malas and healing stones can be found here. What are chakras? Chakras means wheels in Sanskrit. In addition, they represent energy centers. Accordingly, the chakras are responsible for the distribution of life energy. Consequently, they distribute it and also transform the life energy. In other words, they can amplify it. In the process, each chakra is assigned a color.... Read more

Cork yoga mat

Info cork mats advantages at a glance : Antimicrobial means "directed against microorganisms". An antimicrobial is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria). Unsurpassed grip during sweaty workouts Non-slip - Does not slide on the floor Washable and odorless Easy to clean Showering with water is sufficient Rocks faster Reversible for both sides for indoor and outdoor use Water repellent e.g. on the beach Sand does not settle in grooves since no grooves... Read more

Mandalas मण्डल

Info Mandalas Here in the text below Info Mandalas you will find the differences between the various mandala forms and their meaning explained in more detail. In addition, the possible applications both in the past and today. The meaning of the mandala in Sanskrit मण्डल Basically, mandalas are a symbol of the universe. Symbolically, they remind us of the life... Read more


Our focus is on cork mats. We also carry organic cotton mats and a vetiver cotton mat. Cork mats: The more you sweat, the more support you have with our yoga cork mats Our yoga mats made of cork are for Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga and generally sweaty yoga or if you are simply of the type at... Read more

Meditation cushion

The quality of our meditation pillows All our pillows are generously filled with organic buckwheat. Thanks to an inner pillowcase, you can remove and wash the outer one. Both pillowcases are made of organic cotton. The anatomical benefit: As soon as you stay longer in meditation, such a pillow or yoga bolster is indispensable. Due to the light... Read more


Props are also called aids. They are designed to help us achieve or hold positions (asanas) in a healthy way. In other words, a yoga prop is simply an object used for practicing yoga poses. For example, a block or belt are typical props. However, bolsters or meditation cushions can also serve as props. If... Read more

Sun&Moon / Yin&Yang

Here you will find a short explanation of the meaning of Sun&Moon/Yin&Yang. Sun Moon/Yin & Yang Every being on earth is influenced by the cycles of the moon. This influence on the body can be felt especially at phases of the full moon or new moon. However, it is not consciously perceived by most people. The increasing sensitivity to full moon phases... Read more


Enclosed you will find information about the sundial+compass. Its history, functioning and symbolism. Sundial Why in a sundial often sayings were perpetuated on the dial: Mottoes and other inscriptions on sundials were created very early. Most of them were already written in Latin. Some have a reference to the measurement of time, such as Horas non numero... Read more