Info Bolster

Our bolsters are generously filled with organic buckwheat. Thanks to an inner pillowcase you can remove and wash the outer one. Both pillowcases are made of organic cotton.

The Anatomical Benefit:

Many suffer from back pain, especially due to office work. In addition, many take less ergonomic positions in the home office. If you often suffer from shoulder or back pain in the evening, we recommend so-called heart openings. These are backbends. We open our heart in this way. In other words, arms and shoulders are opened and the back is stretched. In general, the rule of thumb is: if something doesn't feel good, change your position. Since bolsters are great for relaxing backbends and heart openings, as mentioned earlier, you'll find some very cozy exercises attached.

 Info bolster application

So if you often suffer from back pain, of course yoga can be extremely helpful. In addition to active yoga, you can also do the positions listed in the PDF for 3-7 minutes in the evening. In general, if something doesn't feel good, don't do it. We exclude any liability regarding the yoga position and any resulting discomfort! You will find the appropriate bolster under this instruction.


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