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Why Yoga-shop-Online??

Why Yoga-shop-Online??

How it came about.

If you have ever been in a country with 70-80 % humidity, then you know what sweating is. Imagine practicing 2 h Ashtanga + 2 h Vinyasa or Yin daily. Then you appreciate a non-slip mat even more. That was in March 2018, and just there in Goa we asked our "teachers" at that time, what is the best mat. And they said the best are the cork mats but unfortunately also not the cheapest. Our camp used to have these as standard mats for all students, but unfavorably these were always "accidentally packed" or mysteriously disappeared and this then became too costly for the yoga school.

Since we trusted the teacher and did not know the mats, we went right away. With a tuk tuk 20 min ride, a nice yoga hostel somewhere in Goa, with a nice little store. And since then, I have only taken my cork mat all these years. It travels with me every day, every day. It has also accompanied me on all vacations. Since then I can look back on over 1,400 yoga lessons and I have never seen a more slip resistant mat and on top of that it is so extremely easy to clean.


2020 the idea

In 2020 then all at once with Covid everything was different....

So despite intensive research, I had no choice but to order them in India. The shipping and customs charges and customs processing fees ended up being over 35 % of the value of the goods. I was shocked. Nevertheless, at that time the idea was born that we should also have the possibility in Europe to purchase a professional, non-slip, easy-to-clean mat made of cork. I am still convinced that these mats are simply the best. After this idea had manifested itself more and more, the search for a partner in India began.

In the spring of 2020 in the home office then I came at some point on the idea, a new mat would be nice, also so that I do not always have to carry home from the studio. And then, I could hardly believe it myself: Nowhere were there double-sided cork yoga mats. All offered me always only the cork-covered yoga mats, which are mostly made of rubber, you can see this well on the back, this is usually made of black rubber / rubber replacement. To be fair, these are less durable, but also thicker and lighter.

I placed an ad on an Indian site for resellers. Indians are an extremely hard-working people. It was a Friday afternoon and from then on my phone did not stop ringing day and night. The selection criterion was whether the manufacturer could produce double-sided cork mats and how sustainably they operate and how they treat their local employees, as well as the size of the company and delivery conditions.

Honestly, probably such a procedure is also always a gamble. Then it went 3 months with phone calls and sending samples and phone calls again and he just wouldn't give me a price, but first a quantity from me. But how can I give a piece count without knowing a price? Slowly I was losing patience. It was a game of egg dance, a game of ping pong... Now, after more than 2 years, I know that the manufactory only wanted to make sure that I really open a store, because they only supply resellers. Due to the flexibility of the manufactory, because they also make a lot of personalized extra on request, then "somehow the horses went through with me" and that's why it came to such an extensive assortment.

Attached is a picture gallery from 2016 - that's when my yoga path began. In the field service for an international company, I was so stressed that I started with yoga. On the one hand the workload of 60 to 70 h / W and on the other hand the sales pressure led to the fact that I initially went to power yoga. Quite irregularly at the beginning and I hardly paid attention to the breathing at the beginning, I had to follow the positions. Moreover, at that time I simply noticed that even if it sometimes cost me a lot of effort to go to yoga at all, afterwards I always felt better than before. And when the positions are more challenging, I can better switch off my head. Then I have to be in the here and now and also pay attention to my breathing, otherwise many positions are simply not feasible. I can also switch off my head while cooking or making soap, which is my way of meditating. 

Then in 2016 during my time away when I did workaway, I got to know the different styles of yoga better in Cape Town at Soul Surfers. There my passion for Ashtanga and Vinyasa was born. Then in 2018 I completed the 200 h and 300 h in Goa India, after first completing my power yoga instructor for gyms in CH. Since then I have been teaching, the first year only on a donation basis for an NGO. So I was also drawn to Kenya in Jan 20 to see what was built / installed with the money. I like to travel, like other countries, the people, cultures and customs but also the food. The water is my element, whether surfing or diving, although I advise everyone not to complete their diving certificates in Cape Town at 8 C° water temperature ;-) I also found parachute jumping exciting, Bungee jumping, on the other hand, was not really my thing. I like to try out everything. 

Apart from that, I like animals and as soon as I practice yoga outside, dogs or cats usually join me.  FI used to have quite a pronounced phobia of spiders, but since Costa Rica I have become much more relaxed about spiders, beetles and cockroaches, although I can do without them.

I would wish for the future that of course politically and healthwise it becomes calmer and more relaxed for all of us again. A rethinking concerning our environment takes place, at present I believe already finally. In general, I never wish anyone evil and give everyone a chance in principle. What I do not like are lies, violence and discrimination / racism and the destruction of our oceans.
In general, I believe that you see each other at least 2 times in life or as my mom always said, "What I think and do myself, I trust other people." or in other words, everything always comes back. KARMA. For the future I would wish to be able to live from yoga classes and the store and also that we can all travel again one day with less / without special measures carefree. 

In this sense, I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy browsing our store. If you like to make tests, then look here: https://yoga-shop-online.ch/quizze/

And at this link: https://yoga-shop-online.ch/pdf-gratis-herunterladen/you will find a lot about yoga, how to get into positions or also about fascia and chakras.
And for those of you who like poems and fables, stop by here: https://yoga-shop-online.ch/philosophie-und-gedichte/

I say goodbye with a quote from Buddha:

"A moment can change a day, a day can change a life, and a life can change the world."