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The origin of putting water in copper vessels can be found in the history of Ayurveda. According to the World Health Organization and recent studies, it is even recommended to take 2 mg of copper per liter of water daily. However, there is no way to take in too much copper through a copper bottle.

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The copper bottle mosaic- because you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.......

For some time, the copper bottle mosaic is seen more and more often. However, few know what it is all about.
Below you will learn more about the positive properties of drinking from a copper bottle.

Our copper bottle Mosaic holds 750 ml and weighs 300g.

The origin:

The origin of putting water in copper vessels can be found in the history of Ayurveda. According to the World Health Organization and recent studies, it is even recommended to take 2 mg of copper per liter of water daily. However, there is no way to ingest too much copper through a copper bottle. Even if water is kept in a copper vessel for a long time, the water will absorb less than 1/20 of the above amount.
If you are diagnosed with a copper deficiency by your doctor, drinking from a copper bottle can definitely help balance your copper levels. Nevertheless, you should remain under the care of a doctor and, if necessary, consider further measures in consultation.
The copper makes our normal tap water alkaline.

In general, water has a PH value of 7 or a slightly lower PH value due to impurities.
Alkalized water should have a PH value of 8.5 - 9.5.
This is also called alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water is said to have some positive properties. More about this later. Copper bottles are therefore natural, alkaline water bottles. In order for the copper to be released to the water, a storage period of at least 6-8 h up to an optimal 16 h is recommended. This process is called the alkalization process. At room temperature, the process can be accelerated.

If you are now wondering if the water tastes like copper?

On the one hand, this is certainly relative and depends on how pronounced and sensitized your sense of taste is. On the other hand, it is also a matter of getting used to it. Basically, however, the water tastes pure, clear and fresh. You will most likely notice a difference if you store tap water in your copper bottle for several hours. As experience shows tap water is less alkaline and more difficult to clean. However, you can also fill filtered or purchased still water (table water).

Now let's move on to the positive features related to drinking from copper bottles:

It is said that copper can lower blood pressure and positively influence the cardiovascular system. It is also said to prevent cancer. Furthermore, it can positively influence arthritis and relieve pain in inflamed joints. Digestion can be positively stimulated and thereby also the function of the thyroid gland. There is also a widespread belief that drinking from copper bottles slows down the aging process. It is also believed to stimulate brain function and thus slow down Alzheimer's disease and also reduce the risk of strokes. If one believes the lore from Ayurveda, alkaline water supports weight loss. In addition, the healing of wounds and a reduction of infectious diseases.

We exclude any liability. The properties described here are attributed to drinking from copper vessels. However, this does not constitute any guarantee of the mode of action or cure of certain diseases.

Key Facts Copper bottle mosaic:

Our copper bottles are made of pure copper. Extreme caution should be taken when copper bottles have only been coated with lacquer on the inside. This can be extremely toxic. Our copper bottles are produced by the same supplier who produces our organic textiles. It is IOAS approved and is also subject to the controls of the GOTS certification body.

Tips for the care of the copper bottle mosaic:

Before first use, clean your copper bottle with warm water.

Since copper oxidizes through use, it is recommended to disinfect your bottle with citric acid once a week. To do this, fill 1 teaspoon of citric acid with hot water into the bottle and let it soak for some time (approx. 5 min.). You will notice that your bottle shines like new.

Over time, your copper bottle will tarnish inside and out. This is a natural process. This happens due to a reaction of oxygen with carbon dioxide and moisture. Your bottle will become dull and the surface will turn dark. If this process takes place over a longer period of time or if there is a high level of humidity, your copper bottle will change color and become a bright green. This is called patina or rust.
Unfortunately, patina is often referred to as verdigris. However, this is not correct. Because verdigris is a chemical reaction of acetic acid and copper. However, verdigris is toxic on the one hand and attacks the copper on the other.

Externally, you should also clean the bottle with citric acid, take a slice of lemon, sprinkle salt over it and then rub your copper bottle with it. Alternatively, it has also proven to moisten the bottle and then rub it with baking soda and let it soak in.


Refrain from pouring milk, juices or carbonated drinks. On the one hand, this does not correspond to the Ayurveda philosophy. On the other hand, all drinks can react with a hint of lemon, so that a sinking feeling in the stomach up to nausea arises. In addition, you should also refrain from filling with essential oils. Depending on the nature of the essential oil, this could otherwise attack the copper.

Your copper bottle should not be put in the dishwasher. On the one hand, it would lose its luster, and on the other hand, it would invalidate the ayurvedic effect. Just like our cork mats, copper is antibacterial and self-cleaning.

Summary benefit copper bottle:

In summary, copper is antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic. Anticarcinogens, means substances that can prevent or at least delay the development of cancer. Such substances prevent mutations or interfere with proliferation.
In addition, copper bottles are anti-oxidative and sometimes show an oligodynamic effect. That is, an albeit sometimes only weakly damaging effect on various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungal diseases.
See also under the following link the definitions m detail:

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750 ml


300 g

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