Fascia roller

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Our fascia roll is made of cork and cork is antimicrobial, which means that the growth of microorganisms is inhibited. In addition, the fascia roll is extremely easy to clean, consists of natural material, is odorless and environmentally friendly and excellently recyclable.

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Fascia roller

Below you will find our fascia roller. The fascia roll is made of cork and measures 30 cm in width and 15 cm in diameter.

  • Environmentally friendly and easily recyclable
  • due to the fact that cork is a natural material, some yogis feel more grounded by it
  • washable, dries extremely quickly
  • robust, resistant and odorless 
  • extremely light; therefore your fascia roll can be also become your constant companion, be it at the lake , in the park or while traveling
  • Naturally antimicrobial that is:                                
  • Antimicrobial means "directed against microorganisms". An antimicrobial substance is a substance that inhibits the growth of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria).
  • Non-slip does not slide on the floor
  • easy to clean every few months shower without detergent is enough perfectly 

Key Facts:

  • Size 300 mm long + 150 mm wide
even more on the subject of fascia, you can find here:

Fascia roller Examples of use:

A fascia from Latin: "band" is a band or web of connective tissue. To better visualize it, think of it as a kind of spider web. This encloses your bones, muscles, tendons and joints.

Particularly due to a lack of movement or uniform, repetitive muscle stress (e.g. assembly line work), adhesions or hardening of the muscle fasciae can occur. Another possible cause can also be the lack of exchange of nutrients.

However, fascia is similar to ligaments and tendons in that it has collagen as its main component. These collagen fibers are produced by fibroblasts located within the fascia. When these fibroblasts eventually fail to produce enough collagen, it can lead to deficiency symptoms. These show up as us feeling stiff or even "rusty".

On the one hand, fascial tissue stabilizes muscles and other internal organs. On the other hand, it also surrounds and separates them.
Yet fascia is our inner connective tissue. This fascial tissue that wraps around the organs supports them and holds everything together. In other words, it has the appearance of a very thin spider web that connects muscle layers and surrounds and also supports all internal body tissues!

Often, fascial problems manifest themselves as pain whose cause cannot be found immediately. Typical are neck, shoulder, back or joint pains. In addition, agglutinated fasciae also lead to restricted movement, one feels somehow stiff, "rusty".

Thereby, our fascia roller or fascia ball should help to release tension and reduce pain. This can relieve sore muscles and increase mobility. More precisely, fascia rolls are supposed to tighten the connective tissue and thus, for example, also counteract cellulite.

Now with the fascia rolls you should roll very slowly in one direction (towards the heart). Try to roll really slowly, but with sufficient pressure.

With our fascia ball, we generally recommend a two-pack. Here it is important to mention that you always "work up" to the side of the spine but never directly on the spine. In addition to the spine, avoid the back of the knees, that is, the back of your knee.

You should spend 1-3 min. per body part!

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 cm

Length 300 mm x 150 mm

Yoga gift set all inclusive
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