Meditation cushion Bohemian No.2

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By the way, did you know that: "We call it work" mainly opposes the usual permanent employment  The argument against it was that it "curtails personal freedom.

Our meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

  • made from organic cotton
  • GOTS certified
  • filled with organic buckwheat
  • Diameter 14 cm
  • Height 18 cm
  • Weight 2.8 kg

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Meditation cushion Bohemian No.2

Yoga tool - the meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

In addition to the belt and block, there is also our meditation cushion Bohemian No.2 as a yoga aid. Excellent for yin yoga or also for backbends, prolonged sitting, for example in the home office and of course for lingering in meditation.

By the way, did you know that sitting regularly on a meditation cushion can relieve back pain and automatically improve your posture?

The term bohemian:

Bohemian can be used to describe artistic people who live unconventionally.
Often this referred to a subculture of intellectual fringe groups with predominantly literary, visual arts, and musical activity or ambition that set itself apart from bourgeois attitudes and behaviors."

"I'm a bohemian. I have no roots."

The term finds its origin in French in the 17th century in France. Here, the term describes "a young artist or intellectual considered to be suffering from hardship, but idealistic and contemptuous of material things." In 1840, Balzac's novella Un prince de la bohème was published. Initially quite unsuccessful, but in 1849 as a stage play, it first gained wider attention under the title La Vie de bohême. Finally, the opera "La Bohême" by Giacomo Puccini led to worldwide fame. In the 1960s, the term became established in German as a designation for "unbourgeois groups of artists and authors". Finally, in 1995, the term "Digital Bohemian" spread, pioneered by a duo of artists. They gained attention with a public multimedia lab and are considered pioneers of digital art. In 2006, the books "Wir nennen es Arbeit: Die digitale Boheme" and "Intelligentes Leben jenseits der Festanstellung" were published. Moreover, Berlin was home to a group of freelance media professionals who "used the new communication channels to expand their individual scope for action." The predominant artistic-creative activities of the Digital Bohemians were: writing texts, creating concepts, graphic design, design and programming. This division has been expanded over time to include other cultural professions."

But let's come back now, to our meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

The filling of the meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

Meditation cushions are usually filled with spelt husk, buckwheat, cotton or kapok. Kapok is a white-gray - yellowish material. It is derived from the fibers of the kapok tree and is water repellent, but less dimensionally stable. That is why we have chosen organic buckwheat for the filling. Likewise, the cotton is organic.

Advantages of buckwheat in the meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

Originally, buckwheat comes from northern India and central Asia. Buckwheat hulls have a high content of minerals and silicic acid. This is supposed to alleviate complaints such as joint and back pain. In addition, also menstrual cramps or rheumatism. In addition, buckwheat is also said to promote blood circulation and thus be particularly beneficial in venous diseases and circulatory disorders. In contrast to polyester or spelt, buckwheat is firmer, harder and rustles less. It is also more stable in shape and particularly permeable to air. In addition, it is particularly suitable for asthmatics and those with a house dust allergy. Thus, buckwheat is also safe during pregnancy. Other advantages of buckwheat are that it is breathable, cools in summer and warms in winter. In addition, it protects against excessive sweating. It regulates moisture. It also protects against dust mites. Only in case of gluten allergy we do not recommend buckwheat filling.

Care of your meditation cushion Bohemian No.2:

Our pillows are all filled quite lush. So are our bolsters. Both have an inner cushion. Thus, you can remove the outer cover and wash in cold water or up to max. 30 C. Please do not wash the inner cushion with the buckwheat filling. Finally, a small note: If necessary, you can always adjust the filling quantity and thus the hardness of your bolster. It is recommended that you refill your meditation cushion with the buckwheat filling every 2 years or better yet completely refill it.

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 14 × 18 cm
Diameter up to

14 cm


18 cm

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