Cinnamon incense sticks

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Cinnamon incense sticks:

  • Made by hand
  • TÜV tested.
  • The scent can have a sexual, aphrodisiac effect.
  • Also, it can promote concentration and digestion.
  • Content per pack 20 sticks, weight pack approx. 23 g, length approx. 23 cm

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Cinnamon incense sticks 

Here you will find our cinnamon incense sticks. Already over 3`000 years ago, when cinnamon was first used, it was an aphrodisiac. Only later it was used as a spice. There was a time around 1530, when cinnamon was one of the most expensive spices ever.Incidentally, its origin is in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Less good quality, however, usually comes from China or Indonesia.

Interesting facts about cinnamon:

The scent of our cinnamon incense sticks can enhance your concentration. In addition, the smell of cinnamon incense can stimulate digestion. Furthermore, cinnamon as a massage oil can alleviate arthritis symptoms, and in addition, cinnamon in food is said to lower cholesterol. Furthermore, a sitz bath with cinnamon oil can be added to bladder diseases and urinary tract infections and is said to provide relief. This is due to the antibacterial effect, which brings cinnamon.

Caution with cinnamon, incense and cinnamon in general is advised with:

If you are pregnant, the general use of cinnamon is not recommended. In general, an overdose of cinnamon can cause diarrhea. However, since you light our incense sticks and do not eat them, there is no danger 😉.

The application of the cinnamon incense sticks:

When smoking, fragrances are released. Scents are said to have different effects. On the one hand, you can use incense sticks or incense cones. These are also called incense candles. In English called cones. Besides releasing fragrance, incense has always been used in spiritual or ritual ceremonies. But also in naturopathy, incense has a long history. In the past, for example, it was believed that incense could drive away evil spirits.


Mostly incense sticks are made by pressing or kneading the incense mixture and pressing it on a bamboo stick. The application is particularly widespread in India and Asian countries. Often the use of incense sticks is related to Buddhism, Hinduism or Daoism. They are used both in meditation and in ceremonies, for example in a shaman's purification. The smoke is said to have a cleansing effect.

Indian cinnamon incense sticks:

Incense sticks made in India are made by applying a wood powder, oil, water and incense. Resins and herbs are used. Attention should be paid to cheap Indian incense sticks, because they can also contain synthetic odorants and this can lead to a harmful effect on health.

Our incense sticks are handmade and exclusively from natural ingredients. In addition, they are TÜV-tested. They are also used in Ayurveda. Because they are supposed to help balance the Dorshas.


One package contains 20 sticks.

Price additional packages

Per pack of 20 g / 20 sticks price 1-5 pack excluding delivery in Switzerland (ie + 4.90.- CHF shipping costs are added). From 6 packs the shipping within Switzerland is included. From 10 pack you will get a bag made of 100 % organic cotton for free and the delivery is of course also included. Conclusion: Minimum order 6 packs, better still 10 for all smoked products ;-)

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