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Yoga mat cork JURU Dhyana from India:

  • Yoga mat cork JURU Dhyana is patented because the support that gives you the mat is unique
  • 100 % recyclable, sustainable, can be used on both sides, thus extremely long service life
  • for sweaty yoga, also for hot yoga or yoga instructors
  • extremely easy to clean, no cleaning agent necessary, as antimicrobial
  • Mat dries much faster, does not get so hot during outdoor yoga
  • more info, see product description or also JURU Yoga Mats

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Questions & answers about our yoga mat cork Yoga mat cork JURU Dhyana Cork mat Dhyana from JURU Yoga mat cork sustainable JURU Dhyana Cork yoga mat Dhyana JURU

On the one hand, of course, made of cork. On the other hand, a minimal amount of natural rubber is necessary so that the mats can be rolled. By the way, the natural rubber comes from Kerala / India. 

Basically, it's quite simple: conventional cork mats are usually only covered with a thin layer of cork. That is, the back is mostly rubber, natural rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) or similar. 

Cork, a natural product:

After all, cork is a natural product, and the more cork is used, of course, the more expensive the cost of production. This is also the reason why our cork mats cost a little more and are heavier, precisely because the cork content is 96 %. And cork is a light product, but heavier than a rubber - or foam similar surface. In addition, some yogis feel more grounding, which is due to the high cork content.

Because our yoga mats are made almost entirely of cork, they can therefore better absorb moisture when you sweat. The more you sweat, the more support our cork mats give you. 

Trust is the most important thing, both in your mat and in yourself:

On the one hand, gives you our Cork mat safety, whether for arm balances or inversion postures. On the other hand, this also applies to any type of substrate. Oftimes, for example, when it comes to more challenging positions such as the wheel, headstand or even crow or scorpion, the TN do not dare. Consequently, if you are afraid of slipping or not having a grip, then nothing can come of it. Therefore, it is important that you trust your yoga mat.  

Of course. On the one hand, rubber becomes porous over time, so it starts to crumble. To make this clear: For example, rubber does not belong in a dishwasher, condoms have an expiration date and latex clothing must be regularly maintained. On the other hand, rubber or natural rubber simply gets hotter, e.g. on the beach. Furthermore, if we stay with the example of the beach or simply yoga in nature: If your back has a rubber structure or the like, then sand and stones also stick to it. 

This is what differentiates our cork mats:

While you simply shower off our mat and gone is everything. Also, our mat dries significantly faster than the conventional mats. However, the material of the back has the greatest influence on the longevity of the yoga mat. Our mats are particularly sustainable, after all, you can use the mat for years (see also the next question). With the purchase of your mat you will receive a care manual. This is available in German, English, French, Italian and Russian. 

The best way to compare it is with suede. At the beginning, when it is new, it is usually hard. Over time, however, it looks a little worn, becomes smoother and softer. It is the same with our cork mats. However, there are some simple tricks and your mat will be like new in no time. 

Tips & Tricks:

Should the mat be worn and become smoother, speckiger you can, for example, our cork mat simply rub with sandpaper, shower off and the hold is like the first day! However, we strongly advise you not to try this with cork mats, which are only covered with a layer of cork. Most likely, you would destroy the mat. You get anyway, more tips with the care instructions, which is delivered with every order with all our cork mats. 

All our cork mats are:

  • Antimicrobial, which means bacteria repellent and therefore particularly hygienic.
  • Further produced without harmful substances.
  • In addition, hypoallergenic and latex-free.
  • Only natural materials were used.
  • No plasticizers or toxins of any kind have been used.
  • The cork mat is 100 % recyclable, made of natural and renewable materials.
  • Thus particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Furthermore, cork is breathable, for a more comfortable practice.
  • In addition, cork is completely odorless. Often, yoga mats start to smell a bit (like sweat) over time.

So, we recommend JURU Dhyana and JURU Mandala and also the JURU Travel Mat for:

  • Hot yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Ashtanga 
  • Vinyasa
  • but also for Tantra Yoga or Kundalini Yoga 

The mats are 100 % recyclable and made exclusively from natural, renewable materials. 

I got to know the JURU mats during my yoga teacher training in India. At that time, we asked our instructors in our yoga training center what the best mats are. They told us that the cork mats were the best, but unfortunately not very cheap. Our yoga training center used to have cork mats, but they got rid of them because they were always stolen. There was exactly one point of sale in our area at that time and so I came to my first cork mat. That was in spring 2018 and I still have the mat in use and use my mats 6 days a week up to 4 hours a day. 

Why we import the mats from India:

Of course, we first looked in Europe for these mats. However, even in Portugal, where a lot of cork comes from, we did not find a supplier. In addition, JURU has the patent for the mats. After all, we have them shipped, so we order a lot instead of more often. And shipping is a bit more ecological than air freight, but it also takes about 4 weeks. 

The packaging of the cork mats:

And also our cartons come from India, so we have already "saved" an additional delivery route. Or rather, we usually take cartons from the carton collection. However, cardboard boxes in the size of a rolled yoga mat are not always available, so these are some of the few boxes we ordered. But they are also made from recycled paper, as are the care instructions. By the way, with every JURU Dhyana, JURU Mandala and JURU Travel you will get a carrying strap for free 😉 .

As already mentioned, you will receive care instructions with the mat. In general, it is enough to give your mat a lukewarm shower 3-4 times a year. Since we also use our cork mats in the studio, we have a spray bottle with a mixture of water and antibacterial detergent and a bottle for afterwards, just with water to rub off, simply also to make the customers feel more comfortable. In principle, this is actually unnecessary, because cork is antimicrobial, that is, bacteria repellent. Cork practically disinfects itself and simply showering off would theoretically be sufficient. 

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 182.88 × 60.96 × 0.3 cm


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